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What The ASHA Leader Won't Tell You About ASHA's Finances:
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What The ASHA Leader Won't Tell You About ASHA's Ultra-Liberal Progressive  Agenda:

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You Don’t Need CE Registry: ASHA Caught Misleading Its Membership Again

Scam alert: the CE registry
Is ASHA nothing but a scam? 66% of ASHA’s revenues go into the pockets of ASHA employees (that's how the one percenters who run ASHA afford their millionaire lifestyles in the DC Beltway). ASHA doesn’t have a product or service to sell so they created their worthless CCC’s and then spent an enormous amount of money marketing the falsehood that ASHA CCC’s somehow make clinicians better therapists. The CCC's do no such thing. I've heard plenty of first-hand accounts from clinicians who hardly ever saw their CFY supervisors during their CFY year. One slp told me that she never even spoke to her supervisor. Her supervisor signed off on the papers and mailed them back to her without any face-to-face meetings or a single phone conversation. The CCC’s aren’t a university degree. They aren’t a license. They’re nothing - but an ASHA scam to trick you into forking over your hard-earned money.

Let me make this perfectly clear (something ASHA will never do):
You don’t need the CE registry (if you don't believe me, call the ASHA action center at 800-498-2071 and ask them this direct question: "Will ASHA refuse to count my CE's toward certification renewal if I don't pay the CE registry fee?" While ASHA will mislead with a carefully worded letter, they wouldn't dare lie when asked that direct question: it would be lawsuit time again)

The CE registry is a waste of money. ASHA has to recognize any CEU you earned for any ASHA approved course (that's the whole idea of it being ASHA approved). Save the certificate of attendance you get when taking the course or workshop. If you ever get audited, send in a photocopy of that. That’s all you need; I just saved you $35. The CE registry is redundant: why pay $35 to have someone else do what you can easily do yourself, i.e., save proof that you took the CE course or workshop?

Q. Why doesn't ASHA make this clearer?
A. For the same reason drug dealers don't help their customers get clean.

ASHA can’t have the membership knowing the truth because members would dump CE registry in a flash if they did. So what does ASHA do? They lie to  frighten mislead the membership into thinking that they won’t get their CE’s if they don’t hand over another $35 to ASHA. Just as audiologists were misled with a not-so-vaguely threatening form letter (ASHA was accused of fraud and had its ass dragged into court for it), ASHA members are now being misled with this CE registry scam. ASHA has a history of lying to being less than transparent with its own membership. Look here, here, and here.  ASHA is a sleazy organization that will throw its own ethics and members under the bus if there is money or power to be grabbed.

Take a look at the wording of the invoice that ASHA mailed out (dated 2/4/13) :

“We would like to award your ASHA CEUS for the course(s) you’ve taken, but we need your ASHA CE registry fee.”

What that very carefully worded statement implies (and what most people would easily assume reading it) is that if ASHA doesn’t get your CE registry fee, ASHA won’t award you your CEU’s. ASHA is no fool - it's an organization of professional communicators; they knew exactly what they were doing when they wrote that. And then there’s that opening kicker: ASHA “would like to award” you your ASHA CEU’s, as if your failure to write a $35 check is keeping nice, beneficent ASHA from doing so
Why are you standing in the way of cuddly ASHA doing what it would love to do, you stingy meanie?
It sounds like a solicitation from a psychic:  
Quick! Send ASHA a $35 check to keep its love flowing back to you! And while you’re at it, forward this to ten people on your mailing list or else the ASHA spell will be broken and you’ll be cursed!!!! 

The word for today is:


Noun. The practice of obtaining something, esp. money, through force or threats.

Say "no" to ASHA's bullying!

I guess with all the audiologists leaving ASHA, ASHA has to resort to veiled threats and bullying to keep its revenues up. 

Don’t fall for this scam.
Save your money and skip the CE registry. 

Better yet, don’t renew your ASHA membership. If an organization is willing to stoop to this despicable level to grab your money, why would you want to be a part of it?


Most Popular Posts

What The ASHA Leader Won't Tell You About ASHA's Finances:

What The ASHA Leader Won't Tell You About ASHA's Ultra-Liberal Agenda:

Help ASHA Watch And Get $3,000


ADA vs. ASHA Lawsuit: Sleazy ASHA Offers Refunds To Those Who "Believe" They Were "Misled"

Of course, there's no possible way that they believe that they were misled by ASHA because they actually were, right?

The ADA vs. ASHA lawsuit was settled. Here's what happened:
ASHA "agreed that in communications it will not use language similar to that which was at issue in the lawsuit." Link
There's nothing here to indicate that the language at issue in the lawsuit was written by ASHA! Notice the wording. ASHA is distancing itself from any and all responsibility for what they did. ASHA will never admit that it is wrong about anything - ever.

And ASHA agreed to refunds:
...if you renewed your ASHA certification in 2011 after receiving a letter in 2011 from ASHA regarding the consequences of losing ASHA certification, or obtained ASHA certification in 2011 after viewing the related FAQs on the ASHA website, and believe you were misled, and now no longer wish to maintain your CCC-A, please contact Marty Rome (ASHA's Chief Staff Officer for Communications) 301-296-8716 or to receive a refund. link

Typical ASHA.
They don't admit that they misled people; they offer refunds to people who believe that they were misled. And those beliefs must be crazy because ASHA would never never never mislead its own members, right?

Thanks to the ADA Website for keeping us all updated.


Diversity Almost Completely Eliminated At All Liberal, All Pro-Gay Agenda ASHA: Number Of Male SLPS Sinks To New Low: 4%

- and if you only count heterosexuals, that figure probably drops to 0.4%.

The latest ASHA membership survey indicates that the percentage of male slps in ASHA has declined yet again and is now a pitiful 4%.

Here's how ASHA's chief staff officer for multicultural affairs, Vicki Deal-Wiliams, did her spin on the abysmal news:
"There continues to be a decline in the number of men in the professions, but data ASHA compiled recently show specific areas of potential for more targeted recruitment.."
Sure it does, Vicki.
In related news, Vicki is planning to buy a Chevy Volt. Since so few people want electric cars that explode, she thinks she can take advantage of the buyer's market for them.
a. The act or process of deluding.
b. The state of being deluded.
2. A false belief or opinion: labored under the delusion that success was at hand.
3. Psychiatry A false belief strongly held in spite of invalidating evidence, especially as a symptom of mental illness: delusions of persecution.
Young heterosexual men are avoiding this profession as if it's a social disease. A social disease that is antibiotic resistant. And that causes impotence. Forever.

More from Miss Vicki :
"We need to add more men to the ranks if we are to ensure a diversity of perspectives."
I've been dealing with ASHA for years now, Vicki. One thing I know that ASHA definitely is not interested in is, "a diversity of perspectives." Slps would never have had to resign from ASHA on conscientious grounds (as they have done) if ASHA was welcoming to, "a diversity of perspectives." ASHA is so firmly committed to a far-left, pro-gay, pro-transgender agenda that no person of faith or conservative values can remain a member of ASHA without violating their conscience. We know that ASHA is hostile to our most deeply held beliefs, values, and perspectives: ASHA refused our request for a religious exemption so that faith-based slps could be provided with a way to remain in ASHA without violating their consciences. So don't dare think that we are ever going to fall for that nonsense about ASHA being interested in perspective diversity; it's absolute nonsense. And this website would have no reason to exist if ASHA had ever been interested in any diversity of perspectives.

ASHA's idea of a politically and culturally diverse group is a Planned Parenthood fundraiser hosted by Chaz Bono at Nancy Pelosi's campaign headquarters.

ASHA's website describes  chief staff officer for multicultural affairs Vicki Deal-Williams as "an astute visionary."  I wonder if the "visionary" Ms. Williams was "astute" enough to foresee that the percentage of male slps would take yet another nosedive. 
And here's how ASHA's boss Arlene Pietranton chirped in on the survey:
"Given this year's results, ASHA members should be proud of the group they represent."
Or something.
Grinning ASHA boss Arlene Pietranton gushes: "ASHA members should be proud..."

Okay, Vicki and Arlene, you can both go back to your offices and take a very, very long nap. You did your spin. We'll wake you when we need some more comic relief.

Just think: this profession was once almost exclusively male. But that was way back in the dark days before there were "chief staff officers for multicultural affairs" to fix things.
Vicki's compensation from ASHA for being their "chief staff officer for multicultural affairs" is over $200,000 a year (that's equal to the membership dues of 888 ASHA members). How could anyone possibly wonder if she's worth it? All aboard the Gravy train! Toot! Toot!

Maybe ASHA should do what we're doing.

ASHA has no shame. Take a look at this news item from last week:

ASHA Honored With Three Awards for Workplace Excellence and Diversity 

May 7, 2012 - New this year, ASHA is being recognized as a leading practitioner in diversity and inclusion practices. Vicki R. Deal-Williams, ASHA's chief staff officer for Multicultural Affairs, will participate in a panel discussion on Leading Practices in Diversity and Inclusion at 10:00 a.m. Link

ASHA 's diversity failures outsize the Milky Way

No word yet on if Vicki will discuss ASHA's milky way galaxy-sized diversity failures.

Perhaps Vicki will discuss what not to do. She should be an expert on that.


ASHA Spent $2.2 Million On 9 Lobbyists In 2006? And Look At Who They Were!

Here's some - let's say - interesting information.

Take a look at this screen shot of ASHA's lobbying history Link

As you can see, there was an immense spike in ASHA's spending for lobbying in 2006. Hmm, knowing ASHA as we do, we're curious about what ASHA was up to in 2006. Let's take a closer look.

From ASHA's Report filed with the Secretary of the Senate Feb 14, 2007

According to the information provided on that site (see screen shot below), in 2006 ASHA was listed as a "lobbying firm" hired on behalf of itself at a cost of $2,200,000 (which would work out to $244,444 for each of the nine lobbyists named if that amount was divided equally).

Nine lobbyists are listed. Let's Google them and see what we come up with (I got results on all but one):

Catherine Clarke, director of education and regulatory advocacy ASHA link
Ingrida Lusis, director of federal and political advocacy ASHA  Link
Elizabeth Mundinger, director of federal and political advocacy, ASHA Link
James Potter, director of government relations and public policy, ASHA Link
Stefanie Reeves Director, Political Advocacy at ASHA Link
Neil A. Snyder Employment History ASHA Link
Steven White Employment History ASHA  Link

Hmm, I wonder if they have anything in common.
$244,444? As you can see in the above screen shot, the lobbying organization, Valente and Associates, received a measly $108,000 for 3 lobbyists ($36,000 each). But then, after all, Valente and Associates are only professional lobbyists. 
In 2006, when millions were spent on lobbying, ASHA's lobbyists lobbied on behalf of only 9 bills. 
In 2012, when ASHA spent a mere $160,000 on lobbying, it lobbied on behalf of 17 bills.
Gee, if you do a quick cost-benefit analysis, it's apparent that the less ASHA wastes throws around gives away spends, the more it accomplishes. 

Thanks to for most of the information.


You Don't Want To Get Your CCC's

From an audiology student... And, yes, it's all about ASHA holding onto its power and getting you to pay dues. Million dollar homes in exclusive D.C neighborhoods (Hello, ASHA bosses!) don't come cheap. Link
It is a little ridiculous that in order to graduate, I must meet 1800+ hours working with ASHA certified audiologists. I'm sure there are a lot of audiologists out there that elect against certification who would make quality preceptors for an externship. Having said that, suggesting that non-ASHA audiologists are not allowed to supervise is dead wrong.
You DO NOT need your CCC's to work as an audiologist. I am currently a 4th year Au.D. student and my preceptor is not ASHA certified. Choose your clinical sites by experience not off of ASHA certification. There are many wonderful preceptors without their CCC's!

Either way you don't want to get your CCC's for many reasons, but in general ASHA is holding our field back. They didn't want us to advance to a doctoral program and they certainly don't want us to stop paying dues. 


ASHA's Latest Legal Move

No wonder ASHA loves Obama so much

What do you call it when someone "accepts" their accuser's version of the facts but "disputes" them at the same time? I'd call it typical ASHA double talk - and a very sleazy attempt on the part of ASHA to wriggle out of a very expensive legal battle that is draining ASHA's resources and further damaging their already shaky relationship with audiologists. Take a look at the latest ASHA brief from the ADA lawsuit. Note that this is the wording from ASHA's own legal brief:

"ASHA disputes the factual allegations asserted by Plaintiff in the Second Amended Complaint and will disprove them should this litigation proceed. However, ASHA accepts
Plaintiff’s version of the facts
as true for purposes of ASHA’s Motion to Dismiss." (bold added) Link
How about that bag of apples? ASHA disputes and accepts the allegations - all in the same paragraph! In other words, it sounds to me as if ASHA will agree that the ADA's charges are true if doing so will rescue ASHA's butt from this expensive public relations disaster, but that ASHA will dispute the charges if it won't! Whichever version of the truth costs less will be the one that ASHA admits to? This is morality determined by the "bottom line." How comforting to know that ASHA is monitoring the professional ethics of our profession! If ASHA had any character, it would either admit wrongdoing if it did wrong or fight this battle to the end if it didn't. That is, if ASHA had any character. As this blog has repeatedly shown, the version of ASHA presented by its propaganda periodical, The ASHA Leader, does not give the full picture of ASHA.
If ASHA admits to ADA's fraud allegations, we will never let it or its members forget it. ASHA will forever be known on this website as, "ASHA, which admitted in court in 2012 that it accepted charges that it committed fraud against its own members..."


ASHA Watch Diversity Scholarship Awards Applications Now Available!

Applications for the ASHA Watch Diversity Scholarship Awards are now available! ASHA Watch believes that we all benefit from diversity. That's why we are so excited about this opportunity to promote multicultural and ideological diversity in the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA)! Thanks to a generous donor, this site is able to celebrate and promote the diversity that is woefully lacking in ASHA. We're awarding two $250 awards and you can request an application and instructions at our email address found on this page (on the right side of this webpage beneath the ABOUT ASHA WATCH heading).

Your request for an application must be from a valid email address and you must include your full name and professional title or your request will be rejected (it's the only way to stop liberal slps and audiologists from sending hate mail and vaguely worded threats; you know how passionately liberals feel about tolerance, acceptance, and open-mindedness. Whoops! Oh, you mean they only believe in tolerance, acceptance, and open-mindedness when it has to do with their side? What a surprise! That  means that liberals love approve of  bullying when they get to be the perpetrators!). Student slps must include their full name and the name of the university/graduate program they are attending. No liberals need apply - ASHA headquarters already has enough of them.

Imagine a world without...ASHA!


ADA Lawsuit Charge: ASHA Conduct "outrageous, done with evil motive or reckless indifference..."

"Outrageous, done with evil motives or reckless indifference to the rights of others," is ASHA's signature M.O. as far as we're concerned. 

The ADA's lawsuit against ASHA continues. 

You can read the latest court document filed on 4/3/12 by clicking here. It may take a few moments to download so be patient. 
Here is a brief section (bold added) from the latest court document.

23. ASHA’s fraudulent conduct was outrageous, done with evil motive or reckless indifference to the rights of others, justifying such relief as the Court deems just and proper to punish ASHA and to deter it from further wrongdoing, including but not limited to a declaration concerning such conduct and requiring ASHA to pay ADA’s reasonable attorney fees and costs in bringing this action.
24. Unless it is required to pay restitution to those who renewed their CCC-A status in reliance on the fraud, ASHA will unjustly continue to enjoy the benefits of its fraud.